Three experienced entrepreneurs with complementary backgrounds in public policy and software development.


Ben Sanders

From the BlackBerry, to the Canadarm, to fundamental physics at CERN, as an engineering grad, Ben has helped contribute to some of Canada's most advanced technology. As an entrepreneur, Ben has co-founded two venture-backed tech startups with international deployments. His work has helped advance policy within 3 government space agencies, 2 divisions of the United Nations, Canadian Urban Institute, University of Waterloo, and Yukon Government.

20180510 Luke DeCoste.jpg

Luke DeCoste

Luke has worked with more than fifty public sector organizations, and has advised CEOs, Ministers, Ambassadors and First Nation Chiefs. He has contributed to national research on public and private sector interactions through the Conference Board of Canada. His work has been featured in national media, including The Globe and Mail and Vice News. He has co-founded several companies in pursuit of improving evidence-based policy making. 


Wesley George

Wes George is an accomplished software architect and computer security specialist. He holds degrees from the Universities of Waterloo and Toronto in mathematics and computer science, has done computer security research funded by both the Canadian and American Governments, worked with large companies like SAP Business Objects and Google and has led teams among Canada’s top startups, notably Nymi and Clearbanc.