The PROOF Platform

PROOF is a next generation technology platform for Governments that allows your team to manage sophisticated solutions. Our platform was designed as a foundation for government solutions, and accounts for government's unique privacy, security, and access requirements. Our Cloud solution allows us to provide off-site backup, and live support on all modules. 

Proof Platform

Case Management

PROOF' Casework Module improves responsiveness by helping you securely store and organize constituent & stakeholder information that you can instantly search to help your team more effectively collaborate on solutions.

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Funding and Grant Management

Our Funding Module positions you to understand the profile of citizens applying for funding, of those currently receiving services, and of those who have completed receiving services. You will also be able to identify trends in these areas using our built-in change tracking.  The funding tracking feature will help you understand which citizens are currently receiving financial support while facilitating easier administration and reporting of that funding, eliminating the need for custom excel spreadsheets.

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Contact Management

The PROOF platform comes with built in Contact Management that government workers use to organize citizen communications, coordinate interactions, and understand global trends of your constituents.

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