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Travel to Yukon

The Canadian North is an astonishingly beautiful place filled with a lifetime of recreation possibilities and incredible community.

Despite their small population, the Canadian territories offer interesting possibilities for innovation with regards to technology and government. All elements of provincial governments are present - healthcare, education, highways - while the smaller scale enables us to more easily convene decision makers, and comparatively light purchasing controls make it easier to engage in experimentation.

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Build Cool Stuff

Proof is a whitehorse-based GovTech startup building information management software for civil servants and public administration.

We are looking for collaborative software engineers interested in public sector innovation and opportunities to explore new people and places through the craft of software to join us on a month-long programmer’s retreat at our office in Whitehorse, the capital city of the spectacular Yukon territory.

Our core technologies are (Ruby on) Rails and VueJS so experience with these technologies will be valuable in helping everyone get productive quickly but we don’t think it’s necessary that everyone on the team be experts with this stuff.


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